Their skills grow

Mental development

During this stage your baby will develop at a pace that will become much more conspicuous. This is when they find out how they can make you pay attention to them whenever choose. They will use gestures, babbling, and even words. Their mind matures at an almost visible pace. You will be constantly surprised!

Great strides in the maturing process

From 7 to 9 months of age your baby will start asking for attention. She wants to be with you and will make sure she lets you know it. This is why they do not like to be left with other people, although obviously at times this will be unavoidable, as well as being healthy for both of you.

As to speech, their universe grows from day to day: They start to babble a few words and begin to have a better grasp of their meaning. They are able to say mummy or daddy when they see you. They might even be able to answer back when called by their name.

Another thing you will find out is that they love noise. They will be constantly making sounds and babbling. They will also clap, hold on to the bottle by themselves (if they use a bottle) and wave goodbye with their hand. 

You can enjoy every minute of this!

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