Welcome to the world!

Motor development

Your baby has arrived. Little by little they will discover their senses and will begin to orient themselves. You will notice that during this first stage they grow really fast. In only three months they double their weight! Every day they will do something new and you will have to help them get to know you. Pick them up, talk to them, caress them... Enjoy their newborn aroma and their frank and innocent smile.

Discovering their bodies

The baby's first month

A newborn spends most of the day sleeping. Their first movements are learning how to keep their legs flexed and moving their heads from one side to the other, as well as clenching their hands in tight fists. 

They also develop some of their infantile reflexes, such as the palmar grasp reflex that you will notice when they tightly grasp your finger, or the walking reflex where they attempt to walk on their heels if you hold them upright by their hands with their feet touching a flat surface, or the Moro reflex which is triggered if you let them fall backwards (without actually letting them fall). You will see how they extend their arms and fingers and then close them.

At two months of age...

Babies add new movements to their repertoire, such as lifting their heads up for a few seconds whilst lying down (they are not able yet to do this from a sitting position) and opening their hands frequently. As to their visual development, they are able to fix their gaze on you if you are close to them and look at a big object if it is close, as well as follow it if it is located within an angle of 90º.

During their third month of age...

They are able to lift their head and body by pushing their arms against the floor from a face-down position. If you pick them up, they are able to hold their head upright briefly. Their eyes are able to focus on an object and follow it within a range of 180º!

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