Follow-up formula

The best nutrition for one of the stages of high growth and maturation

Follow-up formula Follow-up formula

Your child belongs to a generation of strong babies that grow at uninhibited pace, that's why he needs a new generation of milk that covers all his nutritional requirements.

Blemil plus 2 is a complete formula with an excellent digestive tolerance that stands out thanks to its innovative and advanced formula. Blemil plus 2 strengthens the body's natural defenses and improves its visual and brain maturation. 

Intellectual and visual development

  • DHA and AA
  • Lutein

Strenghtens the body's natural defenses

  • Symbiotic effect (prebiotics + probiotics)
  • Nucleotides
Product Blemil plus 2
Blemil plus 2

We are constantly innovating to offer advanced formulas

6 - 9 months 9 - 12 months

ASI adalah makanan terbaik untuk bayi.
WHO merekomendasikan pemberian ASI eksklusif pada bayi hingga usia 6 bulan. Kami mendukung penuh pedoman ini
dengan terus menerus menyusui disertai makanan pendamping ASI yang sesuai sampai usia 2 tahun.
Formula bayi sebaiknya hanya dikonsumsi sesuai anjuran ahli Kesehatan. Ordesa sepenuhnya mendukung rekomendasi ini

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